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CardKast Mailday Episode 54: Basketball Return w/Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant & Others - PSA Return

Cardkast Mailday Series postcast Episode 54

From the CARDKAST series - Mail Day. Here's an all new Episode (54) of our latest PSA return - FINALL! After more than a year of waiting, this submission from 2021 has finally been returned! Watch with us as we reveal each card and talk about each with you. Some of these cards if not most will be featured for sale in our Cardkast Ebay Store.

CardKast Mailday Episode 54 PSA Return: 1990's Early 2000's Basketball Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant +

Cardkast Mailday Series Episode 54

Check out all of our Cardkast Series including MAILDAY, FRESH CATCH & our REWINDs Episodes!

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