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Happy Birthday To Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean

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Dizzy Dean was born on Sunday, January 16, 1910, in Lucas, Arkansas. Dean was 20 years old when he broke into the big leagues on September 28, 1930, with the St. Louis Cardinals. Shown here w/brother Paul, or "Daffy" (on L) in 1934. How cool are those jackets? Dean was best known for winning 30 games in 1934 while leading the "Gashouse Gang" Cardinals to the National League pennant and the World Series win over the Detroit Tigers. He had a 30–7 record with a 2.66 ERA during the regular season. His brother, Paul, was also on the team, with a record of 19–11, and was nicknamed "Daffy", although this was usually only done for press consumption. Though "Diz" sometimes called his brother "Daf", he typically referred to himself and his brother as "Me an' Paul." Continuing the theme, the team included Dazzy Vance and Joe "Ducky" Medwick.

In '34 Dizzy was 30-7/2.66 ERA on his way to the NL MVP. The last 30-game winner until 1968, when Detroit Tigers pitcher, Denny McLain won 31 that year. Dizzy anchored the "Gas House Gang" and led the 1934 Cardinals to a World Series Championship . The Dean brothers, who combined for all four of the team's wins with 28 strikeouts and a 1.43 ERA.

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