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Jim Kaat Elected To Cooperstown: An Overdue Selection!

(Photo contributed by EarlsWorld's Vintage Autograph Collection)

On December 5, 2021, Jim Kaat, who had just celebrated his 83rd birthday on Novemeber 7th, found himself as one of the six newly selected members of Cooperstown. Jim was one of 9 candidates considered by the #GoldenEraCommittee voters who considered each eligible player for election to the #halloffame. As for Kaat, who was taken off the regular rotation of eligible players after 2003, was last seen on the 2014 Veteran's Committee ballot and nearly was elected when receiving 10 of the 12 votes needed to qualify with the required 75%. Kaat's playing days have long been debated among fans, sports writers, broadcasters and other players as being a a hall of fame caliber one which is worthy of induction to #Cooperstown. Kaat's 287 wins spans 4 decades filled with consistency and performance that led him to be named to 3 All Star teams, 16 Gold Glove Awards, a World Series Championship (1982) and led the American League in wins in 1966 with 25. However, for the first 11 years of its implementation, the award went to only the best pitcher of both leagues in which #SandyKoufax of the #NationalLeague was the unanimously winner that year with a 27-9 record. At the end of the day, #Jim Kaat was no longer considered just one of the best of pitchers in his career, but one of the elite as the newest elected Hall of Fame Member! Jim will enjoy Cooperstown's Induction Ceremony slated for Sunday, July 24, 2022 where he will receive his Hall of Fame plaque!

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