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RUNS BATTED IN All-Time Leaders Through 1976

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

(Graphic contributed by 20th Century Baseball / Shock Me)

All Time RBI Leaders at the time of Hank Aaron’s retirement following the 1976 season. Great post shared by 20th Century Baseball / Shock Me! A lot of discussion seems to be sparked when considering other eras, players on the list whose careers were interrupted or stifled in some way. When asking fans about the subject of all-time RBI leaders with Hank Aaron owning the record, many bring their own arguments of how easily others could have owned the record for many different reasons. Take for instance, Babe Ruth supporters claim had Ruth played in as many games and had as many at bats afforded Aaron, he would be the legitimate All-Time RBI Leader. For others they believed Ted Williams may have topped the list had he not spent years in the service of our country and away from his team, the Boston Red Sox. And then there is the case for Mickey Mantle who played the majority of his career with a bad knee after a season-ending injury in the 1951 World Series catching his cleat in a drain cover. It's plausible that we may have a totally different compilation of player hierarchy on this list had many factors been different. However, it is an accepted record and fact whereby Henry Aaron is the winner and holds the title for the most RBIs in baseball history with 2,297! Will that record ever be broken? You make the call!

(CardKast Podcast Ep: 11 Hank Aaron Tribute + Special Guest)

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