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TOP 25 RBI Leaders of the 1960s

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

(Photo & video contributed by 20th Century Baseball / Shock Me)

When it comes to baseball stats, perhaps the most important of any might be considered RUNS BATTED IN by a player. Although some may argue the Home Run stat is just as important, the chances of driving in a run(s) on a single is greater than one provided by the long ball. Opportunities for hitters to knock runners in to score often come in pressure situations. And getting a hit in such an at bat may garner a hitter a reputation as being a clutch hitter. Check out the players on this list and imagine how many times they were called upon by their team and teammates to come through when they need a run to tie a game or win it. The names on this list are truly the best of their era and all carried a reputation as great hitters and clutch bats. From the list and players, who do you identify as your favorite?

Click the video link in the photo to connect with 20th Century Baseball / Shock Me's rundown of the TOP 25 RBI Leaders 1960 to 1969! An amazing list of stars and superstars with many #HallofFamers! Let us know who your favorite player is among the list in the comments below!

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