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Trading Card Therapy Episode 22

"The Dr. Is In The House!" Your Host is Leighton Sheldon, Owner of Just Collect, LLC and Vintage Breaks

Trading Card Therapy Episode 22 W/ Host Leighton Sheldon provides advice for trading card collectors and hobbyists from the perspective of a self proclaimed Doctor of The Trading Card Hobby!

Where is the Hobby headed you might ask? What is the state of card collecting? What are the chances grading companies are going to get their acts together and start grading cards again with an acceptable service price and turnaround time less than a year? What's the next hottest issues or collecting trends we should look for? Is it worth getting a card graded on speculation that it will go up in value? These and many more questions will be covered over the course of time with Leighton and his weekly show, "Trading Card Therapy". Check out Episode 22 and tell us what you think in the comments below!

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