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Welcome To EarlsWorld's Collecting Universe

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

With a vision for the future, Earlsworld's Collecting Universe continues to create a social space where collectors can connect and get engaged with their Hobby of collecting sports cards and other related collectibles.

Who is #EarlsWorld really? EarlsWorld started out as a personal journey into the Hobby of collecting #vintagesportscards and #autographs. It was through this passion and enthusiasm that a vision to build an extensive collectors' network began about 4 years ago. Though the strategies and ideas have continually changed over time, our mission of connecting collectors to the #Hobby and giving them a quality place where they can learn about what they love and share it with others who love to collect as well. After all, without the element social sharing, the #Hobby can be a lonely and boring place!

Today, EarlsWorld's Collecting Universe continues to evolve into what has become a versatile social media network of more than 50 sports #collectors groups and pages on #Facebook with more than 30, 0000 combined members with social media outreaches to Twitter and Instagram. Our integrated network is continually adding new members daily, as we continue to create additional #collector groups and pages whenever the need arises to cover a particular area of #collecting. Reaching collectors and connecting them to the #Hobby through our collectors' network base is the real mission of EarlsWorld's Collecting Universe. We feel by growing our outreach, building a stronger social connection, we in turn with help increase #Hobby interest and participation. And at the forefront of our vision, this is our mission and goal.

2022 will prove to be a new phase for expansion and connection. At the end of 2017, the transition to expand our network began with the launching of our website We also have further plans to incorporate other innovative ideas to help us connect our audience with what we are doing like sharing #FacebookLive events. We already sponsor one LIVE event,, but are looking to increase more promotional LIVE events, as well as doing our own. It is our hope we can start coming out to shows to meet our member base and fans that follow us and begin producing LIVE events at shows themselves. #EarlsWorld's Collecting Universe will be faced with many challenges this year we know, but our commitment to seeing our vision fulfilled is what keeps us moving forward. We continue to seek your support in joining our Facebook groups and pages, connecting with our website and supporting our sponsors who help make all of this possible. EarlsWorld's Collecting Universe is always available to each member. If you have any questions or concerns, please message us and you will get a prompt reply. We greatly appreciate all of you!

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