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Fresh Catch Rewind: Episode #14 A Spectacular Mickey Mantle Autograph Hoard Reveal!

Updated: Feb 6, 2022


Happy New Year Everyone! We have a Rewind Fresh Catch for you to kick off 2022! This was one of the most popular shows we did in 2021. Pull up a seat and hang out with CardKast for another great episode of collecting fun! We promise you're gonna like this one! Who doesn't love Mickey Mantle signed collectibles? CardKast W/ Mike & Lenz Fresh Catch Episode 14 - Unearthing A Spectacular Mickey Mantle Autograph Hoard! This collection has it all!

CardKast W/ Mike & Lenz ( is an informative collector's page purposed to share meaningful content through our posts and podcasts about the Hobby. CardKast W/ Mike & Lenz is simply "Collecting The Way You Like It!"


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